DCL – Rotational Dining

You may have heard the term used for Disney Cruise Line’s dinners as “Rotational Dining.”  So what is that?

Rotational Dining refers to your included dinners on board your Disney Cruise Line voyage.  Each Disney Cruise ship has 3 main dining rooms.  Each of these dining rooms is intricately themed, and full of Disney magic!  While on your cruise, you will be assigned a rotation which will give you a specific dining room to visit each night.  Don’t worry, your rotation will allow you to visit each of the restaurants on board (some more than once, depending on the length of your cruise).

The best part of Rotational Dining is the fact that your servers “rotate” with you!  This means that you will have the same two servers for dinner for the entire length of your cruise.  Why is that great?  Because, these servers make it their job to learn your likes, and dislikes.  For those with food allergies, this is especially relieving, as your servers will be fully aware of your allergies, and they will be able to assist you in the safest way possible.