Disney’s Memory Maker

1. What is Disney’s Memory Maker?

Throughout the Disney Parks, and other places on Disney property (Disney Resorts, Disney Springs, etc.), Disney has strategically placed Disney Photo Pass Photographers.  These photographers are located in areas of the parks to help you get great pictures of your entire group with some of the most beautiful and iconic backgrounds on Disney Property!

Memory Maker is a way to purchase all of your photos from your vacation!  If you purchase Memory Maker more than 3 days prior to your first use of the service, you get it at a special, discounted price.  If you decide to purchase Memory Maker once your trip has started or when you get home, that’s okay too.  You can still purchase it at the regular price.

I highly recommend Memory Maker for family trips, and special trips.


Anyone can have their picture taken by a Disney Photo Pass Photographer.  All you have to do is get in line (usually you only have to wait behind 1 or 2 other families).  When it’s your turn, your photographer will instruct you on where to stand, and how to pose.  Have fun with it!

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Once your pictures have been taken, the photographer will scan your Magic Band (if you have one), or they will scan a Photo Pass card for you (you get those from the photographers).

If you have a Magic Band, the photos will automatically be added to your My Disney Experience account.

If  you are using a Photo Pass card, you will need to enter your card number in your My Disney Experience account, and your pictures will then be added to your online account.

PRO-TIP:  If you are using the photo pass cards instead of the Magic Band, take a picture of the number on the back of your photo pass card with your cell phone.  That way, if you accidentally lose or misplace your photo pass card, you still have the number to enter online, and  you won’t lose your photos.

2. Get the whole family in on the fun!

One of the greatest features of Memory Maker, is that you can actually get pictures of your entire group!  So often, mom or dad ends up getting left out of vacation pictures, because they are always the ones taking the pictures.  Well, with Memory Maker, everyone gets in on the photo fun!


3. Magical Poses

Another great feature offered by Disney’s Photo Pass photographers is the “Magical Pose.”  What is a “Magical Pose?”  It’s a fun way to incorporate Disney magic into your photos.  Some Photo Pass photographers have Magical Poses available, and some do not.  I always ask!  If there is a Magical Pose available, the photographer will instruct you on how to pose, and then you will see your special surprise when you check out your pictures online.  It’s a lot of fun!

4.  Special show photos

Have you ever wanted to participate in a special show at Disney?  Well, some of those shows have Photo Pass photographers that take pictures throughout the show.  These photographers will then give you a special Photo Pass card (whether you have a Magic Band or not), and you simply go online and enter the number on the back of the card to your My Disney Experience account to have all of the show pictures added to your account.

Enchanted Tales with Belle in Magic Kingdom is one attraction that offers this service.


Jedi Training Academy in Hollywood Studios offers this service as well.


5. Ride Photos 

Doesn’t everyone love those ride photos that are taken at the most exciting point of the thrill rides!?!  Those contorted facial expressions are priceless!  With Memory Maker, all you have to do to add your ride photos to your account is go to the photo kiosk at the end of the ride, choose your picture, and scan your Magic Band or Photo Pass card.  Simple!  Some rides are enhanced with even more “magic,” and they scan your Magic Band while you are on the ride!

6. Character Dining Photos

At some character dining experiences, there is a Photo Pass photographer who takes your picture with a specific character or prop prior to your meal.  This photo is also included with Memory Maker.


There are NOT Photo Pass photographers that take your picture with the character that circulate the dining room during your meal, so make sure you have your personal camera handy to capture those special memories and character interactions.

7. Character Meet & Greet Photos

Throughout Disney property, your favorite Disney characters can be found.  Many people love to get character autographs and pictures.  At every character meet & greet location, a Photo Pass Photographer is ready to take pictures of your magical character interactions.  Simply have your Magic Band or Photo Pass card scanned at the end of the meet & greet for your pictures to be added to your account.

8. How do I purchase my Photo Pass Pictures?

ONE:  Purchase Individual Pictures:  After your Disney Vacation, your Memory Maker photos can be viewed online in your My Disney Experience account for a month.  During that time, you can go online and purchase individual photos.

TWO:  Purchase Memory Maker in Advance:  This is the option that I most often suggest.  When you purchase Memory Maker at least 3 days in advance of your trip, you get a discounted prices.  Purchasing Memory Maker gives you the right to download ALL of your Photo Pass pictures in your account.  Those photos are then yours to do with as you please!  There will be a link to purchase Memory Maker on your My Disney Experience account.

THREE:  Purchase Memory Maker During or After Your Trip:  If you decide that you would like all of your Photo Pass pictures, but you didn’t purchase Memory Maker at least 3 days prior to your trip, don’t fret!  You can still purchase Memory Maker up to 1 month after your trip, and download your pictures to your computer.  There will be a link to purchase Memory Maker on your My Disney Experience account.

9.  Traveling with a large group (more than 1 room):

My February 2014 Disney World Vacation was with a group of 18 people.  It was my husband’s entire family, which included 5 different households.  One person from our group purchased Memory Maker.  We then “linked” all of our My Disney Experience accounts together under that person’s “Family & Friends List.”  By doing this, ALL of the pictures that we had taken by Disney’s Photo Pass photographers were put into one account. We were then able to share the download once we arrived home from our trip.  To give you an idea, this particular trip was a 1 week vacation (5 days in parks), and we had over 900 Photo Pass pictures.32

10.  If I plan to use Memory Maker, should I still bring my own camera to the parks?

Absolutely!  There are always going to be shots that you want where a Photo Pass photographer isn’t located.  And you will also cherish your candid shots taken in lines and throughout the parks.  Don’t skip out on taking your own camera!  But don’t miss out on these wonderful, professional photos available through Memory Maker either.  When you have your personal camera and Memory Maker, they compliment each other very well!

Here is the link to Disney’s official Memory Maker website.