Fast Pass +

Here are the basics of Walt Disney World’s Fast Pass + system:

1. Disney’s Fast Pass + is FREE to all Walt Disney World park guests!

2. Paper Fast Passes are a thing of the past!  No more running to the most popular attraction as soon as the parks open in order to get your Fast Pass.  No more running from one end of the park to the other to get your next Fast Pass.

3.  Each guest gets to make THREE Fast Pass + selections per day.

4.  Multiple Fast Pass + selections may NOT be made for an individual attraction.  You must choose three different attractions.

5.  Some of the parks have Fast Pass + selections broken into tiers.  For instance, at Epcot you may be able to choose one Fast Pass for either Test Track or Soarin’, and your other two Fast Passes for other Epcot attractions.

6.  Each guest may make their original THREE Fast Pass + selections for one park per day.

7.  Once you have used your original 3 Fast Passes of the day, you may make a 4th Fast Pass selection at any park you want using your MDE app on your smart phone or at a Fast Pass kiosk in the park.  Once you have used the 4th Fast Pass, you can make a 5th Fast Pass selection, and so on…

8.  You can schedule your Fast Pass selections in advance.  For those staying on Disney Property, Fast Pass + selections can be made on My Disney Experience up to 60 days in advance of check-in.  For those with an Annual Pass or those staying off property, Fast Pass + selections can be made on My Disney Experience up to 30 days in advance of the day they will visit the parks.  The Fast Passes will then be linked to the guest’s Magic Band.

9.  Day guests (those staying off property) now have the option to purchase a Magic Band.

10.  For guests without a Magic Band (those staying off property who elect not to purchase a Magic Band), there are Fast Pass + kiosks located inside the parks.  You will wait in line, and then make your Fast Pass + selections for the day on a touch screen.  Those selections will then be programmed onto a Fast Pass + card (looks like a credit card).

11.  Fast Pass + selections now include things like special parade seating, priority seating at shows, etc.