Disney Genie, Genie+, & Individual Attraction Selections

The new Disney Genie system consists of THREE parts:





The new Disney Genie is a part of the existing My Disney Experience app.  The Genie simply gives you recommendations and wait times to help you plan your day.


This is complimentary, and it is a part of all My Disney Experience accounts.





The new Disney Genie+ system costs $15 per person, per day (plus tax). 


This system allows you to utilize the new Lightning Lane (it used to be the FastPass Line) for most Walt Disney World attractions.


Genie+ can either be added to your tickets for your full trip, or it can be added at midnight the day of use (1 day at a time).


You may make your first Genie+ selection at 7:00 am eastern the day of use.  You will be able to make one selection at a time throughout the day. 


You can make subsequent Genie+ selections whenever one of two actions happens:

  1.   After you scan in to use your Genie+ selection (there are often two places to scan in line).
  2.   Two hours after you made your last Genie+ selection (starting 2 hours after the park opened for the day).


Technically, if you time it right, you can have up to two Genie+ selections at a time.



Add Genie+ to your tickets (either before your trip or after 12:01 am the day of)

7:00 am – make 1st Genie+ selection of the day for 11:30 am or later

9:00 am – park opens

11:00 am – make 2nd Genie+ selection (even though you haven’t used the first one yet, because it is now 2 hours after park opening)

11:30 am – scan in at the two Lightning Lane spots in line

11:31 am – AFTER you have scanned in at both Lightning Lane spots in line, you may select your 3rd Genie+ selection (even though you haven’t used the second one yet)

*Continue with this pattern the rest of the day.

**When you use this system this way, it is possible to have 2 Lightning Lane selections at a time throughout the day (in addition to Individual Attraction Selections).

***TIP:  whenever you make a new Genie+ selection, set an alarm on your phone for exactly 2 hours later, so that you know when you are eligible for your next selection.





The Individual Attraction Selections cost between $7-$15 per person, per attraction.  Price varies based on dates, crowds, etc.


IAS allows you to utilize the new Lightning Lane (it used to be the FastPass Line) for the premier attractions at each park. 


IAS can be purchased as early as 7:00 am eastern on the day of use.  You may purchase up to two IAS per person, per day.  It is highly recommended that you make these purchases exactly at 7:00 am, as they do sell out.  If you are using Genie+ as well, it’s a good idea to purchase IAS first (at 7:00 am), and then make your first Genie+ selection of the day.


Each park has at least two premier attractions, and purchasing an IAS for those rides is the only way to use the Lightning Lane for those attractions (otherwise, you will use the Standby Line or Virtual Queue where available).  These premier attractions are not available with Genie+. 


You do NOT have to purchase Genie+ for the day in order to purchase IAS for individual premier attraction Lightning Lane admittance. 


If you have Park Hopper Tickets, you can purchase your IAS options in up to two parks (not to exceed two attractions per day).