So what exactly can Magical Vacations Travel by Candice do for you???

When you book your Vacation Package, Accommodations, or Park Tickets through me:

It costs you NOTHING to book your vacation through me!!!

Even better, I can often help save you money!!!

1.  Vacation Quotes:  


I am happy to provide no-obligation quotes for Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, or any other vendor that I book.

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After gathering a little information from you, I can put together vacation quotes that will best meet your groups’ needs and desires.

2.  Trip Booking:   


Once you have decided which vacation quote best fits your desires, I can handle all of the booking details for you.  There’s no need to worry about forgetting an important detail like airport transfers, photo packages, dining plans or trip insurance.  I make sure that you are aware of all of your options at the right time, so you don’t have to stress!  I also make all of the booking phone calls for you, so that you don’t have to spend your precious time on the phone.

3.  Reminders:  


All trips come with a number of details to handle and plan for.  I make sure that you get reminders for your important deadlines.

4.  Insider Info Access:  


Disney, Universal and all of the vendors that I work with do such a wonderful job of weaving magic into every detail of a vacation!  However, you have to know how to take advantage of each one of those magical moments.  My clients have exclusive access to my Insider Info!  This includes free vacation planning printables, tips and tricks, money-saving ideas, and other fun “Insider Info.”

5.  Dining Reservations:  


Making Advanced Dining Reservations at your favorite dining spot can sometimes be tricky.  I love to assist my clients with their hunt for the perfect dining reservations!  My clients can choose to either make their dining reservations on their own, or they can send me their list of preferences, and I can make those reservations for them (for no charge).  Either way, if there is a desired dining reservation that cannot be made, I add that to my list of Dining Reservations to find.

6.  Disney Fast Pass Selection Reminder & Tips:  


I make sure that my clients are aware of their Fast Pass selection date several days in advance, so that they can prepare to make their choices.  During that time, I am happy to give recommendations based on the specific needs, likes and dislikes of the travel party.  Once my client has made their Fast Pass selections, we can then move on to planning the trip itinerary!

7.  Itinerary Planning:  

(basic itinerary planning included)

I am happy to help my clients plan their itineraries as much or as little as is desired.  My basic itinerary planning services that are included free for all of my clients are:  Itinerary Reviewing, Itinerary Suggestions, and Tips & Tricks.

8.  Concierge Service (pre-trip):


Prior to my clients trips, I can handle arrangements for special activities during the trip.  These activities include reservations and ticket purchases for:  VIP Tours, Bibbity, Bobbity Boutique, Pirates League, parties, and other special events.  I also handle arrangements for ground transfers, and off-site activity recommendations.

9.  Concierge Service (during the trip):


Even the most perfectly planned vacations can sometimes encounter road blocks.  My clients can text, call and email me during their trips to trouble shoot anything that comes up, so they can continue to enjoy their vacation while I deal with the issues.

10.  Agency Exclusive Discounts & Promotions:

(included for qualifying bookings)

Everyone loves to save money, and I have a couple of ways that I help my clients do just that.

First, each client receives money saving tips and ideas leading up to their trip.

Second, my Walt Disney World clients have the option of taking advantage of one of the many Agency Exclusive Discounted Vacation Packages available through my host company, Magical Vacations Travel.  If your travel dates fall into the same dates as one of these discounted offers, I will automatically let you know.

Third, I run periodic booking promotions which include Gift Cards and On-Board Cruise Credits for certain types of bookings.

Ultimately, my clients are in control of their Vacations!  When you book your vacation through me, you have the added benefit of knowing that no detail will be forgotten.  I am here to help as much or as little is desired by my clients.