Walt Disney World Top 10 – Thrill Rides

Walt Disney World
Top 10
Thrill Rides

1.  Space Mountain     *Magic Kingdom*
(must be 44″ tall to ride)

The quintessential dark coaster, Space Mountain opened in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in 1975, and has thrilled park guests ever since.  Twisting and turning through the dark amid stars and planets, the excitement and anticipation of not being able to see the next turn is a treat for thrill seekers.

2.  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad     *Magic Kingdom*
(must be 40″ tall to ride)

Walt Disney was the ultimate train enthusiast, and this fact is evident throughout Disney parks worldwide.  It’s only fitting that one of the big Magic Kingdom thrill rides is based on Walt’s love of trains.  Big Thunder Mountain railroad is a coaster that winds through the mountains and canyons of the wild frontier!  Watch out, there are even a few dinosaur fossils peaking out of the canyon walls.

3.  Splash Mountain     *Magic Kingdom*
(must be 40″ tall to ride)

Splash mountain is a log-flume ride that takes you through the story of the 1946 Disney classic, “Song of the South.”  Travel with Br’er Rabbit as he races to escape Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox.  This ride ends with a thrilling five story drop into the brier patch.  Make sure to take a seat in the back of the log if you only want to get slightly wet.  If getting soaked is more your speed, then sit in the front.

4.  Mission:  SPACE  (Orange Team)     *Epcot*
(must be 44″ tall to ride)

Mission:  SPACE at Epcot is a thrill, for sure!  There are two options for experiencing this attraction.  If you have trouble with motion sickness, then the Green Team is for you.  However, if you want to take the more extreme path, join the Orange Team.  The Orange Team version of the ride puts you through a centrifuge, and it will disorient you!  This interactive journey will take you and your team on a mission to Mars.  Help get your team there safely!

5.  Test Track   *Epcot*
(must be 40″ tall to ride)

Epcot’s Test Track allows you to experience what it’s like to design and test new car models.  This ride has peak speeds of 65 mph!  That’s definitely a thrill!

6.  Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster     *Hollywood Studios*
(must be 48″ tall to ride)

Hop on this indoor, black-lit roller coaster with the tunes of Aerosmith blaring as you twist, turn and loop through this amazing ride!  And don’t worry, once you board your super-stretch limo, you will be off at 60 mph quicker than you can yell, “Rock and Roll!”

7.  Tower of Terror     *Hollywood Studios*
(must be 40″ tall to ride)

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror transports you back in time to your very own episode of “The Twilight Zone.”  Board your Hollywood Tower elevator for the ride of your life!  This free fall takes you up and down several times, and every ride is different!  You never know how many times you will be heading up and down or how far you will fall.  This is one thrill that’s worth the gamble!

8.  Avatar Flight of Passage  *Animal Kingdom*

(must be 44″ tall to ride)

In this simulator ride, you will hop on the back of a Banshee from Pandora, the World of Avatar.  You will soar, dip, and dive all through this beautiful, mystical land.


9.  Expedition Everest     *Animal Kingdom*

(must be 44″ tall to ride)

Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom is a wild roller coaster ride that takes you to the tallest peak in the world, Everest!  However, don’t forget that every adventure has some mystery and excitement, usually when you least expect it!

10.  Primeval Whirl     *Animal Kingdom*
(must be 48″ tall to ride)

This thrill ride is sure to have you spinning and whirling.  Not only does this roller coaster wind back and forth, but your “time machine” spins you around as you ride.  This one is not for the faint of heart!


This is the Vacation Candice TOP 10 list of thrill rides in Walt Disney World Orlando, FL.
This list is the opinion of Vacation Candice, and should be modified based on your specific constraints (height, medical condition, abilities, likes, dislikes, fears, etc).