1. Park Hours are subject to change. I highly recommend that you double check the most recently posted park hours the night prior to each park day.  Park Hours have been known to change (usually to add hours) as close as one week before.
  1. Check the Events section of to find out what special events may be going on during your trip.
  1. Small soft-sided COOLERS ARE ALLOWED in Disney parks. No glass bottles or alcoholic beverages.
  1. Do not be late for DINING RESERVATIONS! Disney will charge $10 per person for no-shows.
  1. If for some reason you will not be able to make a previously made Dining Reservation (someone is sick, etc.), it can be taken care of. The rule is that your dining reservation must be cancelled 24 hours in advance in order not to be charged, but if you modify the reservation to a later date (in your My Disney Experience account), then you can cancel it with no penalty.
  1. Don’t miss out on the thrill rides because you have kids! Disney has an awesome system called RIDER SWITCH for most of the rides with height restrictions.  Simply let the cast member at the entrance of the line know that you want to do Rider Switch.  The Cast Member will give you a Rider Switch pass, which allows the second parent to go through the Lightning Lane.  One parent will ride while the other stays out with the kids.  When the first parent is done riding, the second parent will ride while the first stays with the kids.
  1. Please make sure to wear COMFORTABLE SHOES to the parks! There is a ton of walking to do, and your feet will hurt at the end of the day.
  1. It has been suggested that all kids age 6 and under should have a STROLLER at Disney World. Older kids probably won’t use them most of the time, but it’s nice to have an option.  I have wished that I could be pushed around at Disney before!  Just use your best judgment, and do what is right for your family.  Your stroller does stay parked in designated stroller parking areas while on rides/attractions, but it’s nice to have while walking between attractions.


 1. At any counter service restaurant within the parks, you can get a FREE cup of iced tap WATER. I suggest bringing something like Crystal Light packets or Mio to add some flavor to the water.  Stay hydrated!

2. Meal portions inside the parks tend to be very large (most of the time, there are some exceptions). SPLITTING MEALS is perfectly acceptable!

3. At Disney Springs, grab a square of FREE CHOCOLATE just for going into the Ghirardelli store. Yum!  They will hand you one at the door.  You can’t go wrong with free chocolate!

4. Check GROUPON periodically for other Disney Springs deals. Sometimes they have deals for experiences like Characters in Flight (the tethered hot air balloon in Disney Springs).

5. Sign up for the Earl Of Sandwich “CLUB SANDWICH” program. You will receive coupons via email for Free or Discounted food.  Earl of Sandwich is one of my favorite Quick Service dining locations at Disney Springs.

6. Planning to be in the parks at night? While there, you will notice all kinds of LIGHT UP TOYS for sale.  These items are a magnet for kids, but they can get quite expensive.  Before your trip, visit Target, Walmart or a Dollar Store and pick up some glow sticks for cheap.  There are lots of options out there (bracelets, necklaces, wands, tiaras).  This way, your child will have a fun glow toy without all of the expense!