INSIDER INFO – WDW Suggested PARK Packing List

Suggested PARK Packing List:                                                  

These are Vacation Candice’s recommendations for items to bring into the parks.

I recommend that you edit this list to fit your group’s needs, and print your revised copy.  Then refer to it each morning prior to heading to the parks.  Post it near your room door so you can check it each time you leave.                           

Please add & subtract items as you see fit for your family.

MAGIC BANDS  (This is your room key, dining plan, park ticket, etc.)

*This only applies if you are staying on Disney Property.

BACKPACK  (I recommend that at least one adult bring a backpack into the parks.)

*Wallet (it’s a good idea to have some cash on hand in case the Magic Band system experiences issues while you are in the parks)

*Camera/Video Camera

*Extra Camera & Cell Phone Batteries/Chargers


*Park Map

*Cell Phone (put some Disney movies on your phone for kids to watch in lines)

*Kid Activities for lines (bring items that are easy to walk with)

*Glow Toys (spinners & glow sticks at Walmart & Target…this will save you $)

*Sunscreen/Hats/Personal Fans (depending on weather)

*Ponchos (1 per person)

*Diapers/Pull-ups/Extra Kid Underwear/Wipes

*Hand Wipes/Purell

*First Aid Kit (Meds, Neosporin, Band Aids)

*Gallon Ziploc Bag (for your wallet & camera when getting onto water rides)

*small plastic Bag (put backpack in when getting on water rides. Hotel room trash bag or plastic shopping bag works.)

*Other Ziploc Bags (for wet clothing, food leftovers, etc.)

*Jackets (depending on weather)/ Light blankets for each kid for stroller naps

*DO NOT bring SELFIE STICKS into the parks.  They have been banned in the parks, and will be confiscated.

SOFT-SIDED COOLER  (I recommend a soft-sided cooler that can attach to your stroller.  You can find them on Amazon.)

*Sippy cups for kids (something that can be rinsed and used throughout the day)

*Flavor Mix-Ins (Tap water is free at counter service restaurants. Bring something to add to water if you want)


STROLLER  (Strollers are recommended for each child 6 and under, especially if you plan to stay in the park all day.)

*While using Disney transportation to and from parks, you must be prepared to fold up your strollers.

*Strollers may NOT be brought into ride lines.  There are designated stroller parking areas near each attraction.  (These areas are overseen by Disney Cast Members, they may move your stroller while you are away to keep the area neat.  The Cast Members will help you locate your stroller when you return.)

*Attach a ribbon to your stroller handle so that you can easily identify your stroller & attach the same ribbon to your backpack, so you can show Cast Members what you are looking for.

*I recommend taking your backpack containing important items with you in the lines/on the rides (there are places for your backpacks on the rides).

*I recommend leaving items like your cooler/food, extra diapers, ponchos, etc. with your stroller.  These are items that wouldn’t break your heart if they were stolen.  Stealing from the stroller areas is not something that is common, but it’s always best not to leave anything too important, as it could happen.