Why Use Vacation Candice?

Why should you use Candice with Magical Vacations Travel to book your next vacation?

1.  It’s FREE!

When you book your trip through Candice, you don’t pay a penny!  She is paid a commission from the vendor (Disney, Universal, Sandals, etc.).  When you book your trip directly through the vendor yourself, you are paying the exact same price. The vendors have already built-in the price of a travel agent, and you pay for it whether you use it or not! So USE IT!!! It just makes sense!  Book your trip through Candice, and you get booking and planning assistance, discount monitoring, vacation to-do reminders, and tips & tricks! Candice is always looking for better deals for her clients. So, it’s a no-brainer! Contact Candice to book your next vacation!

2.  Discounts!

Magical Vacations Travel by Candice is constantly monitoring special promotions and offers.  In the event that your trip is already booked, and a special offer or promotion is released that is a better deal than your current offer, Candice will automatically modify your reservations to pass along any savings or benefits to you.  Also, Magical Vacations Travel, has special Agency Exclusive discounted rates available throughout the year for select locations, that you can only book through MVT!

3.  Time Saver & Less Hassle

Magical Vacations Travel by Candice can save you time!  And we all know…time is money!  How can Candice save you time?  Candice does all of the “pre-trip chores” so you don’t have to!  From finding you the perfect vacation package in your budget to making phone calls to book your vacation, dining reservations, and other extras that will help make your vacation magical!  Candice also monitors discounts that could benefit you, so that you don’t have to!

4.  Planning Assistance & Concierge Service

Magical Vacations Travel by Candice also offers “Insider Info.”  This is exclusive information available ONLY to Candice’s clients.  Candice also emails reminders for important deadlines prior to your vacation.

5.  Exclusive Access to Vacation Candice’s INSIDER INFO

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